Internet Marketing – Where Should You Start?

Should you look for an 
Internet Marketing Consultant, a Web Designer or a Search Engine Optimisation firm?

You’re likely to be one of the following:

You want to market your business on the internet but don’t know where to start


You want to improve your internet marketing results


You want to build an email list of prospects


Often it’s a case of figuring out which piece of the puzzle comes next.

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I have worked extensively on each aspect of internet marketing strategy, and therefore can quickly work out the next logical step necessary to start bringing in new business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

An effective digital marketing strategy is made up of different elements with the aim of attracting prospects and converting them into customers or clients. You now have access to a whole new marketplace which did not exist before the advent of the Internet.


Search Engine Optimisation 

People are looking for your services and products on the internet right now. SEO is the art of analysing what people are typing into the search engines, and getting your website in front of them.


Video Marketing

Connect with your audience using high-impact video. This can be you talking to the camera or slides with animated text and images. Your own branded and optimised YouTube Channel will also give you strong search engine rankings.


Web Design

Create a website which is search engine optimised from the ground up. Not only do you need a good-looking and informative website, it needs to be easily found by your audience.