My name is Lisa Suling-Maslin and I love internet technology which is just as well, seeing as I’m behind a computer for most of the day! I never get bored of learning the latest software and cool tools, and new ways of doing things.

I begun my entrepreneurial life in 2004 when I started a business helping other time-poor business owners with tasks they didn’t have time for such as research, editing and graphic design.

Soon after that I started designing websites and learning all about marketing on the internet. This is a niche which I’m passionate about and will keep me occupied for many years to come.

The transition to my current company, Lisuno Digital, was a natural step when I realised that most of my client projects were to do with internet marketing.

Qualification-wise, I have a BA (Hons) in European Business Administration and invest in my education by taking relevant courses on an ongoing basis.

In my spare time I love cycling and getting out and about in this beautiful city of Melbourne. My next adventure will be to try an electric bike and see what it’s like to whizz along the Yarra River at a very speedy pace!