Mobile Web Design


We’ve come a long way since the first “brick-sized” mobile phone! It seems that every man and his dog has a mobile phone these days, and with many of them able to browse the internet, it’s no wonder that it’s been predicted that by 2015, more people will be using mobile devices to search the internet than desktop computers.

In the past 2 years alone, mobile web searches have quadrupled.┬áIf you want to grow your business on the internet, it’s crucial to consider the topic of mobile web design.

The Time Is Now

First of all, what is a mobile website exactly? Can’t you just leave your website as is and hope that it “looks OK” on the iPhone? The answer is no, there are specific things to consider when it comes to squeezing a website onto a smartphone screen, hence the reason it’s critical to address your mobile web design.

If someone tries to look at your website on their phone and it comes up all cluttered and hard to see, they will lose patience and go elsewhere. Especially if you’re a business that someone would need to contact urgently such as a locksmith! I’ve just done some research and most locksmith websites are really hard to read on a mobile phone. Yes, you can pinch and scroll on an iPhone and try to make out the phone number but this requires patience and a certain amount of attention span which many people just don’t have. Therefore these businesses are losing customers on a daily basis!

Making sure that your website is easy to read on a mobile phone is just good business practice, considering the amount of people that are using their handheld devices to research on the internet.