Search Engine Optimisation


Do you know how many searches people are doing on the internet per month for your services or products?

Let’s take the example of a hypnotherapist based in Melbourne. The Google Keyword tool shows that 3500 searches are done per month for “hynotherapist melbourne” and 2800 searches are done per month for “hynotherapy melbourne”.

This means that 6300 searches are being done per month (or over 200 per day) for hynotherapists here in Melbourne. These searches are being performed by people who are motivated and ready to buy. Of course businesses that appear on the first page of Google are going to benefit from potential customers contacting them.

An effective search engine optimisation strategy drills down into the varying keyword phrases that people use to look for products and services. A competitive analysis is then undertaken to determine which phrases should be targeted first.

Each webpage within a website can be optimised for a different keyword phrase, and subsequent off-page optimisation builds inbound links to those individual pages, resulting in multiple search engine rankings.